How To Use

Perks When Using Trim Guide

Door Trim comes in two sizes (4ft and 8ft) in length. Use the guide to cut stock with no assistance. Make highly precise cuts with no layout! Trim Guide works well when cutting on uneven surfaces, is useful for mass production and perfect for cutting material from wood, to stucco, to stone and concrete. It’s resistant material makes it great for outdoor work and is impervious to weather!

Steps To Use Trim Guide

We’re here to help you get the best experience when you use Door Trim. Its simple usage allows you to move quickly and accurately. Below are some quick steps to get you ready to go. Happy cutting!

Step 1

Position Trim Guide over your material.

Step 2

Make a single pass to fit the Guide to the saw.

Step 3

Clean the Guide of any residue before making your first cut.

Step 4

Clamp your material to the Guide and make your cut!

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